Family Approval Program

Our Family Approval Program is designed to create the best experience for your center, staff
and families. We focus on what is important to you, a positive picture day experience, satisfied
parents, safety and education.

Benefits to Center
  • Great commission opportunities
  • Complimentary staff package
  • Complimentary staff class group portrait
  • Staff discount on original portrait purchase
  • FREE Staff ID's
  • FREE Color Portrait Stickers
  • Special Offers!
Benefits to Parents
  • Preview portraits before purchasing - no obligation to buy, no sales pressure
  • Choice of backgrounds and poses
  • Multi-package discount
  • Affordable - parents select the portraits they want to fit their budget
  • Each child photographed receives 2 complimentary SmileSafe™ ID Cards
  • FREE online sharing
  • Special Offers!

How It Works

We photograph all children based on parent preferences. All children will receive a portrait package,
and parents can preview portraits in the comfort of their own home. Parents return portrait payments
along with any portraits they don’t want to your center.

Before Picture Day

Our dedicated customer service team will call you to discuss picture day details.

  • 4 weeks before Picture Day: Picture Day Materials arrive at your center
  • Immediately hang posters promoting Picture Day
  • 1 week before Picture Day: Send parent notices home
  • 1 day before Picture Day: Apply stickers to children’s clothing
On Picture Day

Our experienced photographers will work with you to ensure a successful Picture Day.

  • Please review any special situations or needs with your photographer
  • Provide the photographer with returned parent notices
  • Supply class list to fill out camera cards
After Picture Day

Portrait Distribution Instructions will arrive with finished portraits within 3 weeks.

  • Hang posters, have parents sign out portrait packages to preview
  • Use the Portrait Sales Report to track returned portraits and payments
  • 2 weeks after portraits arrive: Distribute Final Reminder notices
  • 21 days after portraits arrive: Return payments and unpurchased portraits to Lifetouch